About DYW Candle Co.

DYW Candle Co

✽Started by a love of creating for others and a passion for beauty and self care, DYW Candle Company has become more than a dream. We believe that everyone deserves the very best. Every house needs a signature scent to make it feel like a home which is why we take our time to provide everyone with the greatest.  

✽We are here for you and promise to provide you with exactly what you envisioned to light up your space. 

Meet The Owner - Rachel

✽"My love for skin care and beautiful scents started at a young age. It’s an industry that I have always been passionate about. I started fragrance modeling at a young age, attended cosmetology school, and continued into makeup artistry where I worked for most of the big names that you see at department store makeup counters.

✽My experience and my love for creating for people eventually led me down the path to candles and eventually inspired me to start DYW Candle Co. Crafting unique scents for people, finding a way to brighten up their homes, has become my greatest joy.

✽When I am not drafting up new ideas for candles, I am typical found traveling somewhere exciting with my Golden Doodle, Henry. Some of my greatest inspirations come from the great outdoors. I love being out in nature (particularly out in Oregon, my second home), whether hiking, taking a walk, or simply just soaking up some sunshine. I firmly believe in enjoying all of the little moments."