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Create a therapeutic oasis and breathe into the transformative mist of Sugar Sisters Arooma-Therapy Air Deodorizer. Most of the bad odors and smells that linger in the air come from airborne bacteria. Don’t just cover them up, eliminate them! Every spritz of the Arooma-Therapy Odor Eliminator Spray refreshes your space and replaces odors with the crisp, long-lasting natural fragrance of essential oils.

This air deodorizer is handmade with all-natural ingredients, including artisan blends of the highest quality essential oils. Essential oils deliver a more invigorating scent profile than artificial fragrances and they last longer as they linger in the air. It only takes a little bit of Arooma-Therapy to transform your space.

Keeping in line with the Sugar Sisters guarantee, this product is made with all-natural ingredients without parabens, phthalates, or fillers and never tested on animals. Try all of the refreshing Arooma-Therapy essential oil fragrances to eliminate odors and awaken your senses.

Pink Teddy

Soft, sweet raspberries have a fruity, warm scent that is perfectly matched with hints of vanilla and caramel. Remember the feeling that you had as a child when it was time to indulge in summer desserts with bites of gushing raspberries and sticky caramel.

Lil Black Dress

Elegant pops of pomegranate essential oil inspire a smile with a hint of tang that stands behind the initial fruity sweetness. Crisp apple and soft pear add into the mix to round out this exceptionally sophisticated fruit scent.

Bare Truth

Close your eyes and bask in the summer sun as you enjoy the simple necessities and bare truth. Sticky sweet honeydew has a bright, warm flavor profile while soft strawberries playfully hint at your favorite familiar fruit scent. Bold coconut lingers underneath with a trace of tropical charm to inspire bright thoughts and happy memories.


Silky rose blossoms release an effortless, elegant fragrance into the air that is truly timeless. Notes of juicy melon and Japanese grapefruit add a bright touch of optimism and youth to this floral, fruity blend.

Common Sutra

Warm up your aura and breathe into the sensual fragrances of bergamot and patchouli. The deep, musky fragrances settle into your skin and linger with romantic softness. A touch of ginger adds spice and clarity to this exotic fragrance blend.


Stay true to your refined, elegant beauty with a simple fragrance blend that will carry you away. The dreamy blend of light vanilla and pure French lavender is so authentic and refreshing. Dive into the floral notes and bright vanilla cloud as you dream the day away.

Afternoon Delight

Find a moment of peace with the soothing lemongrass essential oil spa blend. The natural tang of lemon is surprisingly smooth and simple. Tangerine is paired up to bring out the elegant citrus notes and brighten up the blend with a playful touch.

Will You Berry Me?

Take a step into nature and breathe into the deep, refreshing world of an open view and wide horizon. Wild berry takes center stage with a fresh, sweet berry fragrance that splashes into a refreshing, tropical bed of fresh coconut.

You Mint the World to Me

Perk up and invigorate your senses with this exceptional blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. Cool, weightless aromas sink into your lungs with every deep breath and make you feel alive. It’s especially great for sinus headaches and congestion!

Pillow Talk

Sensual ylang-ylang and silky jasmine whisper to each other under a starry citrus sky. Bursts of bright lemon and lime dance overhead, setting the stage for the romantic duo to truly shine. The result is a soft, feminine, uplifting fragrance blend.

It’s Complicated

This clean, fresh scent will transport you to a moment of tranquility and inspire a smile. The delicate, floral scent of blooming white lilies is uplifted with citrus partners. Juicy grapefruit and lime add a subtle tang, orange sweetens up the mix, and subtle neroli essential oil brings in a touch of honey.

Black Tie

Refined, elegant, dark, and mysterious. Black Tie is the perfect unisex scent with a base of warm sandalwood and dark musk. A hint of patchouli adds an earthy aroma that brings the entire fragrance blend together. The lingering scent is warm, rich, and supremely comforting.


Dark musk makes you feel strong and powerful with a bold aromatic presence. This unisex fragrance blend is designed with a masculine edge that women will love. Sandalwood and cedar add woody scents with spicy and soothing notes that are perfectly balanced.

Falling for You

Indulge in a sweet treat with this warm, sugary vanilla and apple blend. Crisp apple has a sharp fruit essence that is softened with golden drips of caramel. The bright, refreshing notes of warm vanilla bring clarity and there’s always room for a dusting of sugar on top of this seasonal fragrance.

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