Sugar Sisters in 2017!

Sugar Sisters in 2017!

The Sugar Sisters All-Natural Body Scrubs
Who doesn’t love glowing, flawless skin? Getting your skin to feel clean, fresh and beautiful has become easier than ever before, with the magical Sugar Sisters’ product line.

The Sugar Sisters specialize in body scrubs, lip scrubs, body butter and body sprays. Their ever-increasing signature line also features a full body exfoliator, body mist and home spray. They are all made in Oklahoma by women who want you to look and feel your absolute best!

The Secret Ingredient

The Sugar Sister’s scrubs are irresistibly good – and there is a golden key to this success. The women behind these scrubs - Michel, Rachel, Leah and Lauren - have over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic and beauty products industry. Their experience, knowledge and creative flair along with their passion for everything beautiful has combined into a beauty product that packs a luxury treatment into an affordable, every-day use jar. The scrub you get in a Sugar Sisters jar contains an essence of the magic that made brands such as Calvin Klein, Lancome, Clarins, Borghese, Christian Dior and others. What sets them apart, however, is that the Sugar Sisters Scrubs are meant to empower every woman to be able to buy the very best for herself – and a men’s product is in the pipeline too! Its customer satisfaction over company profit at the Sugar Sisters LLC, and that’s the secret ingredient of their success.


For the face, there are the Sugar Sisters Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Facial Scrub, which cleanse out the pores and removes impurities and bacteria. These scrubs are homemade, and leave no residue of chemicals on your skin. A natural Lip Balm and Lip Scrub – sold separately and also as a set – protect against chapped lips. The lips are the most sensitive to changes in diet and temperature, and need this extra little love and care! For some head-to-toe TLC, the Body Butter and Full Body Exfoliator work together to bring each and every inch of your skin to its freshest, cleanest best. Feel – and smell – like an ultimate goddess after soaking up the natural, homemade goodness that your skin needs. For that sprinkle of gold on top, the Sugar Sisters Body Mist and Organic Body Wash layer a delicate layer of scent over fresh glowing skin that is neither over-powering nor heavy – perfect for the everyday feel-good sensation.
Aroomatherapy with the Sugar Sisters
Aromatherapy is designed to inject good smelling air-cleansing particles into the room. The Sugar Sisters Room Deodorizer stands head and shoulders above air fresheners – you’ve got to smell it to believe it!

The Sugar Sisters are soon re-branding their products with a modern, clean approach and even greater, sweet-smelling products. Keep an eye out for their special sale offers, exhibitions and product launches at! In the words of the Sugar Sisters themselves: "We want to bring a smile to your face with the names of our scents, our designer packaging, and most importantly our amazing products!

We hope you love Sugar Sisters handmade products as much as we do.

"After all life's a little sweeter with sugar in it!"

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